HTTPS is here

February 07, 2017


During the last few months, I have written several blog posts in my company’s blog about how to secure a site with HTTPS. I started off talking about how to encrypt an Azure web site with Let’s encrypt, and then continued on to discuss how to try to prevent the browser being tricked into making non-HTTPS requests to the server. Finally, I talked about how to narrow the range of certificate issuers we want the browser to trust for our site in order to prevent ill-behaving issuers to make our site insecure, using so-called certificate pinning.

Quite recently, there has been discussions on how HTTPS is gaining traction, and that HTTPS is becoming the norm. Your web site should use it, too.

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Written by Vidar Kongsli who is a software professional living in Oslo, Norway. Works as a consultant, system architect and developer at Bredvid. You should follow him on Twitter